Diving Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we are asked Via Email

Of course you are always welcome to email and ask us any question you need to but hopefully we have covered the answer right here for you.

 Discover Scuba Diving Course

Q. What is the duration of the discover scuba diving course ?

A. The discover scuba diving course is 3 hrs in duration or 4 hrs if you decide to do 2 dives on the day. This course begins at 12 noon every day.

Q. I have to answer yes to one of the questions on the Medical Questionaire. Does this mean that I can not dive?

A. No it does not mean that you are unable to dive but it does mean that you will need to see a Dr and we must have a note from the Dr stating your fitness to dive.

Q. What depth will I be diving to ?

A. The maximum depth for a discover scuba diving participant is 12 meters / 40 feet.

Q. What do I need to bring along with me on the day of the dive ?

A. You dont need to bring anything special with you other than a towel and dont forget your sunscreen !

Open Water Diver Course

Q. What is the duration of the Open Water Diver Course ? 

A. The open water diver course takes three and a half days to complete. A day is typically 9am till 4pm with an hour for lunch.

Q. Do I need to do the three and a half days consecutively or can I break it up ?

 A. It is not always necessary to complete the course in three and a half days consecutively. If you have other plans to work around we will do our best to arrange a schedule suitable for you and us both.

General Questions

Q. If I make a reservation and pay a deposit what happens if the weather is bad and we are unable to dive ?

A. We operate very small groups and therefore we must have a deposit to secure a booking. We ask for $30 USD per diver. If you have to cancel for any reason the deposit is non refundable. If however we have to cancel because of bad weather we will either reschedule your dive for another day (if possible for you) or we will of course give you a full refund

Q. I want to make a reservation and pay the deposit. How do i do that ?

A. Thank you just click this link and follow directions. Pay Deposit now.